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Land Hermit Crab Molting

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Hermit crabs have personalities just like we do.  Some will be shy and pull back into their shells if you approach them and others will be more active and bold.  They will also vary in their food preferences.  If you remove your Hermit crab from his home be sure to keep an eye on him, because they are very quick and very good escape artists.  I lost one of my crabs for 2 days till i finally found him crawling around in my family room.  Be careful also leaving him on a table or something high that he may fall off.  Hermit crabs have been known to walk right off the edge of something. 


An Assertive Hermit Crab

The word "Hermit" is very wrong in their name.  They are very social animals, so it is best to keep them in groups of 3 or more.(size of cage permitting)  Eventually, most crabs will become tame and will retract into their shells less when they are approached.  Hermit crabs also are not aggressive but are known to grab you with their pinchers not out of aggression though but in fear of falling.