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Most retail stores sell the species coenobita clypheatus, which comes from the Caribbean Islands and Florida through the northern part of South America.  They are found usually a few miles from the beach, living in tiny cracks or holes in lava rock, burrowed in tiny holes in the ground, near beaches covered with plant life, among partially exposed roots and decaying leaves, or within caves or seawalls.  They also enjoy warm humid temperatures.  In their home you should attempt to recreate their enviroment as much as possible by providing water, warmth and food.  Hermit Crab Shell Assortment


Hermit crabs are quite adaptable and thrive in their new home if these basic needs are met.   Their are basically 2 types of homes for Hermit Crabs:  wire or plastic mesh cages and plastic or glass aquariums.  I personally like glass over plastic.  Rectangular plastic aquariums are available in basically 3 sizes.  The size of the aquarium depends on the size and how many Hermit crabs you plan to keep.  Hermit crabs must be kept in temperatures ranging from 72 degrees to 85 degrees.   During colder months their aquarium can be kept in direct sunlight. 


Now for the accessories

Here a list of accessories for your Hermit crabs home.  But before I list the accessories there are a few neccessary accessories I would like to mention first , the bottom of the aquarium needs to be covered with either gravel or sand (i personally like sand better because of the look) Also in your aquarium you will need things for them to crawl and climb on.  Extra Shells are are also needed at all times.  A sponge or water dish is also needed at all times and wet at all times.  Now here is a small list of suitable things to put into your Hermit crabs home:

-Choya Wood(good for climbing and inexpensive)
-Drift Wood
-Food Dish(I use seashells)
-Water Dish
-Wire Mesh
-Real or fake plants(if you use fake be sure to rinse thoroughly)
-NEVER put painted decorations into their home because they will eat the paint and will die.