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Land Hermit Crab Molting

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Water is the Most Important Hermit Crab Need

What Kind of Water Should My Hermit Crab Drink?



Hermit crabs need care everyday. These are things that need to be done daily.


THEY NEED HUMIDITY!!! They come form the warm humid tropics of Central and South America. Spray their habitat twice a day with room-temperature spring or bottled water. Tap water contains chlorine, this prevents them from absorbing calcium that is vital to successfully molting and their survival.Sandy Hermit Crab


They need any old food removed from their habitat. This prevents mold and bugs, particularly ants from invading their home. Ants can kill hermit crabs. They get into their shell and eat the soft part of their abdomen.


Change their water daily to prevent bacteria growth. Wipe the bottom of the bowl periodically with a paper towel. NEVER USE SOAP!!!!! This can KILL your crab.


Hermit crabs should be fed every other day. Would you want to eat the same thing everyday? Try to vary their diet. In the wild, hermit crabs eat fruits and vegetables. Try giving your hermit crabs grapes, carrots, blueberries and coconut.


You also should give them store bought hermit crab food. This contains proteins and nutrients that are essential to their health.

SOCIAL LIFE- Hermit Crabs need to be talked to. Take them out, put them on a table (keep a close eye on them, watch that they don’t fall off). Make something for them to climb on. You can use any kind of building blocks.