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You can feed your hermit crab commercial hermit crab food from your pet store, but you should also supplement its diet with a variety of other foods. Here are a few guidelines:


You should have fresh, clean water in the cage at all times. Keep the water in a shallow dish that the hermit crabs can enter and leave easily. Avoid using dishes that have are slippery, wobbly, or too deep, and don't use metal dishes. A land hermit crab can drown in its water dish if it cannot climb out. To avoid this problem, you can fill the dish with rocks or a piece of driftwood to help the crab climb out.


Hermit Crab and Shell Water Dish

It's a good idea to use shells as food and water dishes


The best food and water dishes to use are probably seashells. For the water dish, you can use either one very large clam shell or several smaller shells (as a rule of thumb, I have at least one small shell water dish for each crab in the cage). You will not have to worry about the crab drowning in the water, and the shell will also be a good source of calcium to the crabs. Calcium is very important for hermit crabs. Another way you can provide calcium is by giving your crabs pieces of cuttlebone (cuttlebone can be found in pet stores; it is sold for birds).