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While the idea of breeding hermit crabs in captivity may sound like a very enjoyable and rewarding experience it's not a very wise thing to try and do. Here's why...


In the hermit crabs natural environment, after mating, female hermit crabs will rush to the shore to lay many many eggs. During the earlier stages of a young hermit crabs life, it can be extremely difficult to provide the proper care for them.


Because this is true, hermit crab enthusiasts generally don't attempt to breed their pets, unless of course they are actually managing a wild population of hermit crabs where the females have lots of room to mate and lay eggs.


So, while it may be possible to successfully breed hermit crabs in captivity, it's recommended that such an activity be limited to those who know exactly what they're doing, and in an outdoor tropical beach environment where they can be properly managed and cared for.