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What do land hermit crabs eat in the wild?
Land hermit crabs are classified as omnivores, meaning they eat plants and animals. In the wild, they are labeled scavengers, eating whatever plant material they can find, decayed wood, fruit, dead animals, and basically anything that comes in with the tide.

What should I feed my pet land hermit crab?Hermit Crab Food
It is wise to have a commercial hermit crab food available to your crabs all the time. It provides vitamins and minerals that other foods you offer may not. In addition to your store-bought food, keep in mind that crabs enjoy variety in their diet. Research has provided some guidance in this area and proven that land hermit crabs need carotene, calcium, and antioxidants. These nutrients can be easily provided through fruits and vegetables, and other healthy food sources. Do not give your crabs processed food or foods with additives. Think natural, and it will be pretty easy to feed them. Many crab owners also supplement with baby foods, apple sauces, and even puree their own concoctions that suit their crab’s taste. Do not let any fresh food sit in their dish or sand for more than 24 hours, at the maximum, to prevent decomposition.

Calcium supplements should be provided also because it is a necessary element of their exoskeleton. They can receive this in many forms: through seashells, crushed oyster shells, sand dollars, or sand mixed with a calcium supplement.

How do I water my pet land hermit crab?
Two separate water dishes should be available at all times to your pet hermit crabs. One needs to be freshwater and the other needs to be sea salt water (not table salt). The freshwater has to be dechlorinated, which can be done with any commercial fish tank product. Bottled water is an easy alternative for people with city or well water because it does not have to be dechlorinated and is ready out of the bottle.  Hermit crabs use this water at their discretion to drink, bathe or refill their shell water (the water stored in the back of their shell).

The water needs to be deep enough so they can bathe as needed. For smaller crabs, place a sponge inside the dishes to prevent drowning. Land hermit crabs can drown if they get submerged in their water dish and can’t climb back out.